component recomendation for converting analog sequencer into MCU based

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Hello ,I got this good QORVO manual shown below it uses a combination of regulators and a comporator.
all the component there are analog
LT1716 -analog comparator
LTC1261LCS8-4 - negative generator
LT1761-BYP- analog regulator
Could you reccomend me names of similar components which could do the same method using a microcontroller?



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but i was told tht using DC-DC is too noisy for ampliyier.
Who said that?

Easy enough to control inputs to linear regulators if preferred though less energy efficient. A novel solution is to use a DRV8876 motor driver in its dual independent switch mode. This gives logic control of the output voltages and built-in current sensing for the 12v rail. In the circuit below a standard ICL7660 negative voltage generator is used with an opamp to track a +ve input voltage from the MCU's DAC output and provide a matching -ve bias voltage to the power amp. This allows adjustment of the bias to set the 400mA input current on the 12v rail as per the amp's data sheet. The current sense is provided by the DRV8876 and can be read as a voltage, where 2v = 400mA.

There are, of course, many high-side, logic controlled switches, some with current sensing, but the DRV8876 incorporates two switches and current sensing and, given its popularity as a motor driver, is very cheap by comparison.