Combining capacitive sensing and ohmMeter with Arduino

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i´m looking for a circuit combining capacitive sensing and an ohmMeter to create an interface.
my prototype has two cupper contact foils. when you connect both of them one can measure the resistance of whatever conductive you put in between.
now i want to add a capacitive sensor for each of the two foils.

the attached picture shows my current circuit.

the base values with no touch are :
  • A0 of ohmMeter = 0
  • D2 (CapSense) = 135

if i touch the capsense with my hand:
  • D2 (capSense value) jumps to ca. 2700

if i additionally connect the two foils with two fingers
  • D2 (capSense value) jumps to around 20000, why that?
  • A0 of ohmmeter jumps to 135
when i put my whole hand on both foils the serial monitor stucks and jumps from values like 300000 to -2

Can you please help me to understand the signal flow?
how does the voltage divider(ohmMeter) effect the capSense when i touch both at the same time?

when the D2 (capSense) cable is attached to the foil_2 of the ohmMeter which is on "ground side" the capSense works.
when the D2 is connected to the foil_1 which goes to the 3.3V, the capSense does not work.

how do I have to change the circuit?
any hints and help appreciated!

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 14.41.09.png

#include <CapacitiveSensor.h>

CapacitiveSensor cs_4_2 = CapacitiveSensor(4,2); // 10 megohm resistor between pins 4 & 2, pin 2 is sensor pin, add wire, foil

int analogPin = 0;
int raw = 0;

void setup()

cs_4_2.set_CS_AutocaL_Millis(0xFFFFFFFF); // turn off autocalibrate on channel 1 - just as an example


void loop()

raw = analogRead(analogPin);

Serial.print("raw: ");
Serial.println( raw );

long start = millis();
long total1 = cs_4_2.capacitiveSensor(30);

Serial.print(millis() - start); // check on performance in milliseconds
//Serial.print("\t"); // tab character for debug window spacing

Serial.print("CAP_SENSE: ");
Serial.println(total1); // print sensor output 1

delay(10); // arbitrary delay to limit data to serial port