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Joined Mar 31, 2012
This circuit must have been designed to destroy LEDs. What is the meter for?
I assumed it was a motor -- but I see that it's missing the typical "brushes" at the connections for that. So it must be a milliammeter intended to blow fuses.

The circuit can be simplified by putting the LED where the meter fuse normally goes. Then you can blow both at the same time, making it a more efficient smoke-letter-outer circuit.

But, seriously, what problem is it you are actually trying to solve? What purpose are you trying to achieve with this circuit?


Joined Mar 13, 2020
Did you get that from YouTube?

Aside from knowing how to wire it - what's it supposed to do? You've already been told both devices will die the first moment you apply power. While I "Could" build that circuit - I surely wouldn't. Even if it were hooked up correctly I can't imagine a purpose for it. So what's your goal?