Circuit board to power a electromagnet

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum as I am seeking help creating a control board for a project i am currently working on. I am a 100% beginner when it comes to circuit board and electronics in general so all help is very much appreciated.

What I'm hoping to achieve is a stand alone unit that can be powered by a rechargeable battery. I need the board to be able to do the following:

Connecting the board via USB will charge the battery
To be able to release an electromagnet
Power a motor for a reel (up and down)
Separate controller which can transmit a signal to the board which will release the electromagnet and control the reel to move up and down. So a seperate board will be needed for this.

The electromagnet is going to be used to transport and then release a lightweight box when necessary and I am trying to make the unit as small and lightweight as possible. I have found an electromagnet with the following specifications:

Holding force - 150N
Supply voltage - 12V dc
Depth - 20mm
Diameter - 25mm

I will be creating the housing for the stand alone unit and controller via 3D modelling.

I have created a basic drawing to help visualize what i am intending.
Thank you to anyone who is able to help.


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Not realy enough information of the total system, but in general, a electromagnet system, lift magnet etc, requires a short reverse demag shot in order to achieve this, if this is necessary then usually it is done via a H-Bridge magnet controller.