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Hi, I recently did some orders from a chinese pcb fab house, and while I was at it I had made 10pcs of 100x100 protoboards (double-sided square pads vith plated holes, 0.1" pitch). The pcbs were 2 usd at jlcpcb, the shipping was for the whole lot but I doubt it would be more than 7-10usd. Dollar twenty for one a nice protobard that I love for smd prototyping I think is a good deal. So here are the design files in Orcad 16.6 and the gerber files, hope someone will appreciate them :)

(will post a photo of the pcb on monday...)


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Arne't proto boards already out there?
I haven't viewed them yet with a Gerber viewer, so are these aimed at any format in particular?
For experimental one-off I use Vero board.
But I do have the luxury of the Picmicro development boards from 8 pin to 40 pin.

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Yes there are, but I have yet to see double sided ones with plated through holes. My old employer used a larger format for their prototyping, and I just fell in love.
The best on them is you can do SMD (0603 to 1206, sot-23, SO-16 with every other leg bent up and connected by small wire...) on one side, and power wiring and blocking caps on the other side.


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The cheap protoboards I buy on eBay are double-sided and have plated thru-holes. I can send a link if it would help.