Cheap piezo tilt mirror


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You can't buy one, but you can make your own DIY version.
Get 2 or 3 miniature "Woofer" speakers.
They must have extremely Compliant Cone Suspensions designed for making Bass Frequencies.
Glue them to a Board next to each other,
Use Plastic Drinking Straws and RTV Silicone-Rubber-Adhesive
to attach the Mirror to the various Speaker Cones.
Wait 24 hours for the Silicone to cure.
Attaching the Straws closer to the center of the Mirror will amplify all movements.
Experiment with varying the Voltage-level and Polarity to the Various Speaker Cones
to aim the Mirror in virtually any direction you like.
Sound from an Amplifier can also be used to make various shapes on a wall.

This will also make a very cheezy Oscilloscope which projects on to a wall.


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... A similar, but less complicated, type of audio reflector toy may be constructed by taking an elastic material, such as a balloon, torn or cut into a suitable shape, and stretching it over one end of a tube, such as a tin can, that has both ends removed. A rubber band, placed on the can perimeter, may be used to maintain some degree of tension or taughtness in the elastic fabric on the covered end of the can.
...The next step is to obtain a glass mirror fragment, size or shape is not too critical, and use glue or a similar adhesive to fasten it to the center of the rubber fabric.
... When any bright light source , sunlight or an artificial light, is reflected from the mirror fragment onto a wall or screen, there will be a spot of light that responds to an audio source that travels through the open end of the can or tube. A musical instrument that produces a constant tone will result in a classical lissajous pattern. Any other music will probably exhibit a more random display.
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The Control-Circuitry is virtually the same, but with higher Voltages required.
He is being facetious, I'm sure you don't want to spend ~$300.oo plus on a Cat-Toy,
or for that matter, 30 or 40 hours of creating the required Control-Circuitry for
either of these suggestions.
The great part about a Laser-Pointer is that You control it, not a repetitive Circuit.

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I like to work with ATtiny202 and would like to use it for my cat toy which will randomly steer the laser beam to let it chasing by a cat. I don't want to use servos to tilt the laser beam so I thought the piezo can help me.


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That piezo thing has a maximum deflection angle of 2.2 milliradians - that's about 0.12 degrees.

I don't think your cat would even notice 2.2 milliradians of movement.