Sizing a Piezo Buzzer for a Cheap Thermometer & Timer bought off eBay

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I bought a cheap thermometer & timer unit off of ebay. It has a decent LCD size. It reads the time, current temp probe reading and alarm temp setting.
I will be using this on an electric bicycle I built, the probe will be placed inside the motor.

I added pictures, they are 500KB in size as I am used to that in another forum I frequent.

The piezo buzzer (sorry for the typo in the title, cant edit the title) is not that loud. I would like a REALLY loud buzzer. I read 0.03Vdc to 0.05Vdc when I probe the buzzer and press a button to get a sound.
The buzzer has a circle with a + in the middle on one side, and XA on the other side. You can see it in the picture.

How do I go about sizing a piezo buzzer for this device. I am sure there are many different ones out there.
I use an online website for B&E Electronics its a local store that has a huge inventory. I cant seem to access that page right now.

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