Cheap DIN-Rail DC Circuit Breakers

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Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts / experience with DIN rail DC circuit Breakers?

I'm in the middle of building a enclosure using DIN rails for the first time. Ive been looking for a bunch of 100a DC circuit breakers and there's a ton of them (mostly 63amp for some reason) on Amazon and eBay for anywhere from $10 to $20.

I bought one (63amp) in order to test it out etc... it seems to function perfectly fine and trips when it should but just feels really cheap if you know what I mean.

I'm an electrician and these DIN rail circuit breakers compared to our standard AC Breakers, are like half the weight and feel sort of flimsy

So if anyone has had any experience using them for a long period of time, I'm curious of your thoughts



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The 63A rating can be traced back to DIN standard 323-2 "Preferred numbers and series of preferred numbers".
The document will cost you more than $150 as a PDF, unfortunately, but it is the evolution of a geometric series of numbers that first started being used in Germany in the 1900s.

As far as the breakers and reliability, I can't help you there. Maybe a back up fast blow fuse at a peak rating would give you piece of mind...