Charging a capacitor in parallel with a resistor from a constant current source.


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TS simply wants to tweak R and C for a given over-current limit.

Without R, V(t) will be reached in time t = C x V / I .
Add R in parallel will make t longer to reach V(t).

When I say "compare" I mean what is the value of t compared with RC?
Okay, so say t is 200 ms and RC is 100 ms. I compare them. t is 100 ms greater than RC. Now what? Or what if t is 50 ms? Or what if both t and RC are 100 ms?

What is the TS supposed to do after making this comparison?


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Take the capacitor out and convert the Norton equivalent to a Thevenin equivalent, and you have the well known charge through a series resistor with a voltage source of V= IR.


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Here's the simulation of the circuit and its Thevenin equivalent, showing their identical response:
In either case the equation I showed in post #16 describes the circuit behavior.