CCVS in LTSpice netlist

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    Dec 26, 2015
    Hi, i'm learning about spice netlist recently and i've got a problem with linear dependent sources.

    Here is my netlist source code.
    Example 1 : DC Voltages of a linear Network

    *Sumber independen
    Vs1 n1 0 1V
    Vmeter n7 n2 0V
    Vs2 n2 n3 6V
    Is1 n6 n4 1.5A
    *Sumber dependen
    *Sumber dependen CCVS (Current Controlled-Voltage Source)
    H1 n5 0 Vmeter 2
    Vmeter n7 n2 0
    *Sumber dependen VCCS (Voltage Controlled- Current Source)
    G1 n4 0 n4 n3 4

    *Elemen rangkaian
    R1 n1 n7 1ohm
    R2 n4 n3 3ohm
    R3 n2 n5 2ohm
    R4 n1 n6 5ohm

    .TRAN 1ms 50ms 0ms 1ms

    when i run it, there is a message says multiple instances of "Vmeter".
    Any idea what's the problem?

    I used spice second edition by sedra and roberts. It appears that there is the difference about dependent source syntax betweem LTSpice and sedra's book. I've searched the internet but i get nada. Thanks for ur help.
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