Capacitor Charging Power Supply (CCPS) switching frequency

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I am looking to design a power supply for a high output voltage application, approximately 5kV and 2.5kV with pulsed output, with a fixed frequency.
I very often see this done with a series-loaded resonant converter (SLRC). I often see these converters running IGBTs low frequencies below the resonant frequency, the 50kHz one here is the fastest switching frequency I have observed in the literature.

My question is, if one was looking to design a converter where power density was the priority, would this be the best topology to choose? I understand it will probably be better to use MOSFET devices for attaining F_sw, but operating the SLRC above resonance typically requires modifying the frequency in the control loop to regulate the output voltage. The fly-back topology is sometimes used but the transformer size is usually much larger and thus never really attains power densities close to that of the resonant converters.

Any suggestions in terms of alternative power topologies, or how this CCPS can be operated at high frequencies would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.