can i pulse drive coils with alternating polarities to spin a motor

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high guys. New to the forum. this is my first post on any forum actually. so please forgive any mistakes im about to make. i have been experimenting with a dual pole Pulse motor I built from scrap parts. the rotor has 4 magnets with alternating poles (so two N/S fields per revolution) . The stator consists of 12 coils configured in 3 series connected circuits(leaving 3 phase as an easy open option should i desire) . my intention is to collect and/or redirect counter EMF spikes caused by the pulses in an effort to improve efficiency or perhaps find alternative uses for the otherwise wasted power.
My inquiry is this. what circuits would you recommend to pulse the drive coils with alternating polarities in order to maintain a push force on each passing magnet. would a full H bridge driver circuit do the trick? Thanks so much everyone for your time and effort.


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Sounds like you attempting to construct a BLDC motor.
Do you intend 3 phase commutation, or BLDC, normally for either some kind of rotor position feedback or sensor{s} are needed.