Can Anyone Identify This Resistor?

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Hi, my dishwasher lost all power the other day and being the handy type I decided to pull it apart to see what was wrong.
Electronics isn't necessarily my forte but in examining the control board I could see that a resistor has blown.
The banding on the resistor appears to be coloured Yellow, Grey, Black, Grey (although admittedly it is a little hard to tell because of the damage)
Using the colour coding system this would give the resistor a value of 48 Ohms +/-.05%
I have searched high and low on various component websites and just can't seem to find one of this value and any similar ones are completely different colours.
Is this a non-standard component? Am I likely to be able to find a replacement? Have I identified it wrong?
The rest of the board and the mechanical components are good so it would be a massive shame to have to scrap the whole appliance over this.
Thank you!
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Do you have the soldering chops to get it out of there, and get a new one in? It's possible that the bands will be easier to read on the opposite side. It might even still retain its original value, allowing you to measure it. Is the part labeled "R" something on the board? I agree it looks like a resistor but an "L" would indicate an inductor.

There's no guarantee that the resistor is the only failed component. Like you, I'd try replacing it. But there's no guarantee. Just sayin'.