Can anyone identify this connector?

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Hi all,

I've got a Xantech AC1 outlet switch that needs an input plug for the on/off control. See image of the corresponding jack below. All the units I've found online have the screw terminal type plugs in them, but this one's a bit different. Hoping someone just recognizes the type... or can at least push me in the right direction. Muchos gracias!


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Can you tell that it's not a 5.08mm?
But seriously, the 2-way ones are interchangeable, but when you get to about 6 way it begins to be difficult to get the 5mm plug in the 5.08mm socket
Because I use a proper US metric kit, not one of the off-size EU 0.200" metric connectors. :eek: :D
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I know that style of connector as a 'Phoenix' connector (Phoenix Contact is the brand).
Green is their default, but I have seen orange, gray, and black.

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Hate to burst a bubble here, but there are two important points:

1. These connectors are either 5mm pitch or 0.2" pitch. It does make of difference.

2. These connectors are built by a number of companies, and they are not interchangeable.

So, first measure the pitch, then look at a supplier like Digikey and try to match the pictures to the exact shape of the socket.


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Sure the 0.197″ 0.200″ versions are interchangeable in the two connection versions, if you use a metric hammer.

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It's not solely a matter of pitch. Different manufacturers have different shapes of plugs. Many look the same but won't plug into a competitor's socket. Here's a few random types. pluggable tb.jpg