Can anyone identify this connector?

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Does anyone recognize this connector and know where I might find a mate?
20191002_193301.jpg 20191002_193326.jpg 20191002_193332.jpg 20191002_193629.jpg
Of note is that one of the pins is enclosed in a round shroud, and the other in a square shroud. Most of the Molex stuff has one round and one D shaped shroud. This is a female connector, the mating one I need would be male. The pictured connector is attached to a Sanyo JT-660 tuner.

Major dimensions on the end with the wires, not including the clip lock: 5.9 mm x 10.4 mm. (0.232" x 0.409")
Dimensions of the square shroud: 4 mm sq (0.158")
Dimensions of the round shroud: 4 mm dia (0.158")
Socket spacing looks like about: 4.4 mm (0.173")
Socket diameter about: 1.5 mm (a 1/16" drill bit will not quite fit)