Can anyone identify a CS2638 ic

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  1. Deltatango

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Got an old Chinese made lump of inverter 1.5KW 12v to 240v, over time I have gathered new bits for its duff parts but one I.C. eludes me and is marked CS2638 I figure its a Texas design format that the Chinese copied under another number as TI makes a large amount of power control chips.

    It is a 16 pin DIL form and with two pair of transistors near, it looks very like you would find in a smps like a computer, these then drive a bank of FET pairs which create about 300v from transformers with rectifiers linked together to get that power.

    This then used to form a modified 240 AC output.

    Did hear an unfounded rumour that TI supplied Cherry Semiconductors with unfinished "blanks" for their technicians to practice on when they set up years ago, the only support for this was an ambiguous reference to the "CS" part number

    Can anyone help please from David
  2. Ramussons

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    May 3, 2013
    If some more info is given it would help.
    Which pins connect to the driver stage?
    Which pins sense the voltages?
    You will need to do circuit tracing to some extent. Identifying at least some pins can focus on a smaller choice list.
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    Dec 13, 2013
    the first things I found on google were spec and data sheets. with some for sa=le too.
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    Apr 16, 2012
    OK I have looked at its local circuit, key features are :- Pin7 gnd, Pins 8, 11, 12 Supply + (12v) Pin 16 may be + via 4k7, Pins 9, 10 outputs (logic looking as each is connected to a PNP-NPN transistor pairs base directly).

    Will draw and upload circuit, other number on IC looks to be 0604A1 CS2638

    When I was looking for it a long while ago I to got offered data sheets from scam websites so stopped.

    Thanks from David
  5. Deltatango

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    Apr 16, 2012
    CS2638.JPG Inverter 005.jpg Inverter 001.jpg Inverter 003.jpg Here are a few pics and circuit as far as I can tell.