broken antenna coaxial connector on tv

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Hi all!

the female coaxial connector on this tv board has been snapped off as per images in this album.
My questions:
  1. Is the damaged box an easily retrievable spare part? I'm not expert in consumer electronics repairing, so it could be a standard spare part or a custom part made by the manifacturer of the tv, I cannot tell. If so, anyone could point me to a place where I can buy it? Soldering it back in place wouldn't be a problem for me.
  2. If one cannot purchase a new box, is there some workaround that could restore its functionality? Only thing I came up with is opening the "box" and looking how cladding and core of the coaxial were connected to the outgoing pins, then replicate it via 2 wires going from said pins to outside the box, where I would put a brand new "hanging" coaxial F connector. Is there some clear problem with this approach? Even assuming it is feasible with my current skillset and tools, I'm concerned about interferences given that I'm messing with the integrity of the coaxial cable in the last part before it gets into the tv.
Sorry for my probably funky english.
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Are you able to remove the broken connector? If so, you could look for a replacement part. If not, you could solder a coax cable to the broken connector and put an appropriate connector on it. Use a 75 ohm cable.

Relevant portions of photos:




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Do you still have the connector? It looks like it was soldered to the outside of the case. It shouldn't be too difficult to remove the A001 part and reattach the connector, provided you have the skills.


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I wonder how the center pin of the coax was connected in the box.
When the connector was torn of the box, also the connection inside the box must be torn.



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I think your problem might be a bit trickier than it first appears.

The simplest solution would be to solder an in-line (hanging) F-connector, however I would venture that the metal can from which the input connector has been ripped is actually a tuner. It would appear that that signal pin (centre F connector pin) is only connected on the component side of the PCB (within the metal can) – there being no obvious through hole connection on the track-side.

And so you problem is how to attach (solder) a wire to a pad/connection that is within the tuner enclosure – where the centre pin is connected.

(see Bertus comment above)


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It looks to me like remnant of the centre contact is visible - the slightly tilted horizontal "line" visible in the opening. Soldering to that would be a little difficult and a bit perilous in terms of melting the solder joint to the PCB in the tuner. I would use tin-lead solder and a low temperature. I'd carefully and quickly pre-tin the end of the contact and pre-tin the end of whatever I intended to solder to it.

[EDIT] Soldering temperature for something like that is always a bit of a compromise. You must avoid getting enough heat into the piece to melt the solder at the other end. Sometimes low temp is the right way, sometimes higher temp and very brief contact is actually better.

If soldering coax is contemplated, I strongly recommend a teflon insulated type. The shield will almost certainly be silver plated, which is a boon to soldering. I'd be inclined to form the shield into a flattened "tab" occupying only 20 degrees or so of the circumference. With a small diameter cable, this would probably allow soldering the shield tab to the can and the centre conductor to the contact remnant, possibly in that order, which hould help keep the centre in position for soldering - but restrict access for that soldering.
Adapting small coax to an F connector might be a bit challenging.

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First of all, thanks to everybody for your answers.

Some other things came up in these two days and I've not been able to spend any time on this problem. I'll get back here with updates in the next few days, thanks to your advices/suggestions I've got already a good starting point.



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The F connectors on tuner modules like that often have unusual, even unique mounting configurations. Whole tuner modules can usually be bought for $20 or less.