BEKO Washing Machine Problems?

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    Aug 19, 2018
    I am having several problems related to a Beko WMD67106 Washing Machine.
    I have had this thing for 9 years now but it is rarely used, like 3 or 4 washes per month.
    1. My first problem is that it lets in water through the water inlet even though the cycle isn't asking for water. This began about 2 years after buying it. I had ignored this problem by manually filling it via a hose thru the soap dispenser.
    2. The machine timer usually keeps running from 30 mins (for the 30 mins wash program, which I always use) all the way down to about 14 mins, when it should stop at about 20 mins, take in water and do the second cycle. At the 14 minute mark when it stops, if I press the pause play button the timer goes back to 19 mins fills with water and does the wash as it is supposed to. And at 14 min or so mark takes in water again and then continues to rinse and discharge water until about the 4 min mark when it begins to spin dry.
    3. Sometimes the timer will remain stuck for example at the 25 or 28 min. mark usually for maybe a half an hour or so while the machine is washing the load, other times it won't wash and it'll just stay stuck at that time. And then will either abort the wash or will begin washing.
    4. And sometimes the play pause button won't work when I press it after the cycle has started, it won't work or light.
    5. I have taken the Motherboard out and inspected it and I don't see anything that looks suspicious such as a bad cap or resistors.
    6. The power switch is I think a double pole switch with two gray and two orange connectors. Thought I might have mixed up where the colors went, but it seems to work so long as the gray and orange cables are on opposite side of the switch.
    7. Also when I try to run the built in Diagnostic mode it shows me an error code of F11 and doesn’t start.
    So guys obviously there’s something wrong with the pcb any ideas to help me to troubleshoot.
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    You need the service manual for the list of error codes..

    Quick google search turned up Motor fault for F11!! So it could be the brushes worn,or other..
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