Bad experience with very cheap knockoffs!

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Brian Griffin

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Many years back when MP3 players were mainstream, there were those clones and knockoffs being sold too. So I had one good Creative Zen, but those with the mini-screens with more than 65536 colors were pretty expensive.

I purchased another one (the brand was GC, don't remember the full name) with a mini-screen from Carrefour like $40, the screen was decent, it was 512 megabytes and I could watch some videos (in a tiny 3" screen).

When I got that thing back, I started the MP3 player. The buttons were the least responsive, I had troubles to press them. The firmware was lousy too - it made the "Yeow!" sound everytime I selected a function. (Actually it's a high pitched "wow" but was pretty downsampled for space-conservation purposes)

I listened to it a few more minutes. It sounded decent, but the interface was horrible. I was "yeow"-ing all the time pressing and selecting the wrong functions. It was really counter-productive, most of the time!

Few days later I got that thing refunded, and used that cash to add some more memory on my PC.

It was 2007 - I believe nowadays knockoffs were at least much better than last time... no? :)


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You don't always get what you pay for but you always pay for what you get.
And, The bitterness of poor quality persists long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten.
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