Backgroung communication between two iPhones

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Hi Everyone,

I am working out an idea for a current project and am unsure of how the software aspect of the project would work. I would have a device connected to my phone via bluetooth and this device would send a message to the phone and the phone interrprets the data which seems straight forward. From here I want this data to be sent to another phone and the uploaded to a different (but same design) device without needing to touch the phone after connecting it. Would I need a server to do this, or how would something like this work?

I appreciate any help and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!



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This is called peer-to-peer networking. So no server would be required, but each device would have to be aware of all other devices.

You could develop your own protocol for auto-discovery and to specify the destination in each message.

Does this give you any ideas?