Automatic Stabilizer or simple transformer converter for using 110V devices on 220V?

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I'm taking some of my equipment's and appliances (most are 110V) back to my country where the power supply is 220V to 240Vc at 50Hz. I'm planning to use an Auto stabilizer 1000Watts (has both 110V & 220V) for my two Kelvinator refrigerators and for the rest like for (blenders,kettle, heater+fan, weller soldering station, old bench supplies etc many more stuffs) planning to use some 110V-220V 750 W transformer converter I have. Is this a good idea or I should get an additional auto stabilizer? Oh one more thing people might think why the hell on earth would I want to take these when I could just throw all these away and buy a new one back there for 220V. The reason is exceptional quality of those products like the fridge above, it is almost going to be 25 years since I brought and it runs like a charm.:)

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Your best option is to buy a step down transformer, if you're coming to Europe you would need the "Yellow industrial type" 230V to 120V, thes are for biggerloads, but if its just one or two items then maybe a smaller Va rated one will suffice. I'm sure you can get on at your local electrical supplier or building merchants.