Audio CD Ripping

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I do not know if anybody can help me but I will ask?

I have Win10 and a program Called ExpressRipCDRipper and I use this to Ripp my Audio CDs to my Computer.

It works good and I Load my CD into the Program and I select the Tracks I want.

Then I pick OutPut Format as MP3.

Then I pick the MP3 Bit Rate I want.

I do not see any Setting to Set the Audio FREQ. but if it does not let me pick this does it just grab it as 44.1 kHz?


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Once you set the bit rate, the sample frequency is fixed and not independent.

FWIW, mp3 is a dead format. I wouldn’t waste time on it


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It'll keep it in the original sample rate of 44.1 ks/s. Bit rate should be VBR or 320k for maximum quality. However, unless you're using an antique mp3 player or severely restricted on storage space, it's better to rip CDs to a lossless format like flac, ape (monkey's audio), or Apple Lossless.


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Good ripping softwares are Exact Audio Copy (free, slow with Blu-ray drives for some reason), and DBPoweramp (less free, but supports full auto ripping where you just drop in a CD and close the tray and it does the rest). Both can use the Accuraterip database to ensure you've gotten a perfect rip.


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44.1kHz is the standard sample rate for Audio CD's. The data on the CD itself contains only 44.1k samples per second. Trying to invent more samples will not give you better audio quality. At worst you would get new samples that are interpolations between real samples, at best you would get duplicates of existing samples. Neither case is going to give you better audio quality.