Arduino oscillators theremin help

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    Dec 14, 2013
    hello all,

    I am currently working on the project from this site:

    If you scroll down you will find a video of the theremin. You will notice a wobbly effect. The hand clearly changes the frequency, but I found the same wobbled effect of the notes. They seem to be constantly changing. So even when my hand is not there, the frequency changes.

    I thought that it would be better if there was a single note/frequency. I am trying to demonstrate how a theremin works. Thus, is it possible to get rid of this wobbled effect and get a single note. I have no clue why that effect is there in the first place.

    My second question is: I built his circuit on a breadboard and hooked it all up. My only problem is that the sound is much quieter than what he has. Is there any way for me to increase my volume.