Analyzing network signals - within LAN & outside of modem (WAN area)

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I'm curious about what hardware would be required to analyze the traffic flowing through my network at various places such as within my LAN (from the modem to router, router to computer) and on the exterior of my network (WAN - the outbound connection from the modem to my cable or telephone line).

I am not looking at things like packet capture devices or capturing data in a "useable" manner, but more for "noise" which may be interfering with the modulation (bandwidth in it's true meaning) range which the modem is supposed do be using. So like in a 2.4ghz spectrum of wireless there are like 12 channels, each with 22 mhz bandwidth (they overlap other channels) I'm looking for transmissions outside the designated channel.

Ideally I would like to have a device which would be a bi-directional pass-through which wouldn't impede the performance of the devices on either end.

Would an Oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or frequency counter's be of use?