Amplification of Bolometer

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I want to read the change in microvolts originally produced by a bolometer.
For example, a bolometer with a resistance of 42.9k Ohm and a current of 10uA flows through the bolometer and I can only see the voltage of 0.4294V.
How can I measure the change in microvolts? With the help of amplifier?


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Yes. What are you measuring? It's been a while since I used and looked at Bolometer/Pyrometer amplifiers (for measuring the temperature of a Si wafer heated by IR) but they are basically the same as a sensitive thermistor circuit. For a purely analog circuit you might use a bridge configuration to measure small changes with a sensitive meter nulled at some standard temperature. You calibrate (those types of sensors also typically need a drift correction factor) the meter voltage to a temperature standard at several points of interest and then extrapolate the change in voltage between points as the current temperature of the object being measured.