Am I supposed to put capacitor on lamp when using wifi smart light switch

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Hello all, I want to ask do I need to put the capacitor provided in the install action kit of wifi smart switch(with touch sensor, without neutral wire terminal) if I am not using LED bulbs, but just some ordinary bulbs?

I had the same switch for 2 weeks. I installed it without the capacitor because I use ordinary(incandescent) bulbs and there can not be any flickering. I think the provided capacitor is only for LED lights to prevent them from flickering. That switch burned out yesterday when my mother pressed the touch sensor to turn the lights on. I do not think this is from the fact that there was no capacitor installed, but maybe a faulty switch, since those are Chinese and in the range of 25 dollars/piece.

I am applying pictures of the device that I am talking about as well as a picture of the installation instructions.
I Will be really gratefull if you help me out understand why the switch burned out and by that I mean is it because I did not put the capacitor or it was Just faulty?
Thank you all in advance!

manual first page

box of the product

back panel of the product

the capacitor that came with the product

specifications of what is the max load the switch can handle

wiring diagram of the switch

remote that came with the product