AM FM Radio Receiver

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Hi all, I purchased a AM FM Radio Receiver DIY kit CF210SP and the tutorial is here.

The problem I am facing now is handling the small ic cd 9088, which is too tiny for me to handle haha. So, I am searching for a bigger version of cd9088 that can be mounted on a breadboard for convenience, but I couldn't find any. Are there any bigger version of cd 9088 out there in the market?
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Have you looked at tutorials about soldering surface mount packages? You don't need a particularly fine tip, but you need a steady hand (a problem for me) to at least get the part tacked down in the right place.

If you can't watch YouTube, this might help:

If you would like, you can sent it up to me in Thailand, let me solder the part for you and send the board back.

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The video keeps mentioning the words China and cheap.
You need the proper tools, steady hands, good vision and experience to solder the surface-mount IC.