ISO header for radio control receiver

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I am etching a pc board that I will be using with a RC receiver. I would like to find a header with 3 rows of 7 pins each 1mm spacing. The header would need to be female since there are pins on the receiver. I would like the pins that solder onto the board to be a 90 degree angle (okay captain obvious) The goal is to be able to slide the receiver on and off of the pc board. Any thoughts?


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Samtec allows you to specify such a connector (i.e.: SSW[or Q]-07-02-F-T-RA) though availability is not clear. I would contact them. This datasheet provides ordering information.

There are almost certainly other manufacturers that offer similar options, this was the first I found. You can go to one of the large distributors' websites and use the parametric search to find possible alternatives.



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So, when you said 1mm spacing, you actually meant 2.54mm spacing?
I missed the orginal post as .1”, being such a common pitch. But if the pitch really is 1mm, there seem to be only 2 row sockets available. It sounds like the device that will be connected is already terminated. If so, maybe it is 2.54mm since that’s where the three row sockets exist.

I hope so, otherwise it appears to be custom...