Alternative to mouse optical CMOS sensors

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I never realized how hard it is to find used mice for salvaging components from them in United States. All thanks to US culture of getting rid of trash fast and buy new stuff even faster. As a result - I cannot find a resonable alternative to CMOS sensors that many manufacturers like Logitech or Genius used to put in their mice - low pin count sensors that have high frame rate and can output data through SPI interface.
I ended up ordering a bunch of ADNS-2610 from China and obviously it will be three-four weeks of delivery time, I had to pay $5 for shipping and there are very few sellers that still carry those.
So the question is - what happened, where all the sensors gone and most importantly - are there any alternatives to those? Keywords are - high framerate (starting from 1000 frames/sec, SPI interface)???


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