Advice on small GPS Receiver with built-in LNA

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I am working on a micro locator project sewn into a cat collar with PCB dimensions 8 x 25 mm. I was counting on using the u-Blox ZOE-M8Q (4.5 x 4.5 mm) GPS receiver, but I can't find a bare chip anywhere at an affordable price to test (although I did buy a SparkFun GPS Breakout ZOE-M8Q for basic familiarization).

To receive the signal, I'll use a GPS passive dipole wire antenna tuned with NanoVNA for a maximum VSWR gain of 1.541 (one arm length is 13 cm). However, the output signal is insufficient for the ZOE-M8Q. I will probably have to use a 40 dB GPS amplifier.

Do you have a tip for a GPS receiver with built-in LNA with a small footprint?