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I am new to electronics but I'm having a blast learning this stuff. I am a retired Machinist, I was a R&D Machinist
For an oil drilling research lab.
I would like someone to help me build a small wireless system that has a electrical box with 3 LED lights. That would light when one of the three different items across the room were picked up. Each item lighting a different LED.
Any and all help greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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You can email me at c*******t @ gmail Thank you.
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How are you going to sense when an object is lifted? You could have dedicated bases that contain a miniature switch. The switch could be a reed switch and activated by a small magnet in the object. Or perhaps you could put the switch in the objects with a small circuit.

Are you familiar at all with programming? One way to accomplish what you want is with a microcontroller.

Another method could use a remote control module. There are inexpensive 4 channel remote control devices available (in your case you would only use three channels). Google is your friend. Or if you think this might work, I can post a link. They are activated by a small battery-operated key fob which contain four switches - one for each channel. Use four fobs and one receiver. Disassemble the fob and wire your miniature switch across one of the four contacts; each object is wired to a separate channel. These devices come with a receiver that operates a relay corresponding to the channels. Wire an LED to each of the relays to indicate which channel is operated.
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As above, what are the objects, and what does "picked up" mean? Are the objects sitting on small sensor pads? Do you have (or are you building) flat boxes with spring switches inside and an actuator pin sticking out that the object sits on?

Ebay has many low-cost wireless control modules. For example, a key fob with four buttons, and a receiver module with four relays to control stuff. If you have sensor pads with switches, it is pretty simple to solder wired onto the switch pins on the key fob, and run those wires to external switches in the sensors.

Or something like that.

What is your skill set for assembling electronic components? Would you rather buy modules and wire them together, or build a circuit from scratch?