Adding three way switch to Solar Powered Sprinkler Deterant

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Don't know if this is the best place to post the question... but here goes. I have wired basic things together with the help of a tech guy years back (ie: a temp controlled switch)... but now I need help and he's moved out of town.

So the story is this. I have a Koi pond that heron birds have found. So I purchased a motion activated sprinkler deterrent ( The problem is that the location I will be placing the sprinkler will be against the house looking out over the pond area… so therefore… it will be a pain to have to try and sneak up on the sprinkler from round the side of the house or from the back door to turn it off when I am out working in the yard… which is frequently.

So what I would like to do is add a three way switch system to the sprinkler and run one switch near the back door… and the other to side of the house. I’ll deal with the switch locations and waterproofing them. I just need some help on wiring into the system now.

The unit has a red and white line running out into the battery compartment. The rechargeable battery with a quick connect red and white line. I've wired a threeway in a home... but this is a closed system. Anyone that could do a quick wiring diagram would be greatly thanked. The other question…. How concerned should I be on the length or line to the switches and loss of power while working with low voltage.