Adding a capacitor to my Benz

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My 20 year old MercedesBenz has 2 batteries, 1 in front to start car, 1 in rear for everything else.
It has a dual battery charging isolator to charge the front battery.
There is a battery boost relay to boost if either battery is low, or alternator dies, the other battery
can provide extra power.
There is a large 35x50mm? 4700u f capacitor in the a front fuse box in front between the alternator and
rear battery.
The 20 year old capacitor now measures around 5600.
To help protect the battery isolator, I want to add a capacitor between the rear battery booster relay and
battery isolator, and would like to add a 2nd capacitor on the rear battery side.
I the car sits for a few weeks the rear battery will drain and the booster relay turns on, I assume there
is a large voltage spike when it connects and disconnects.
Rear battery is on a battery maintainer, unless I forget to plug in or it gets unplugged.

See attached picture, any suggestions?



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The primary purpose of the capacitor is to reduce electrical noise from the alternator output, which could affect electrical systems within the vehicle (particularly electronics and audio systems) – so adding a second capacitor as you propose will gain very little.


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With a system that old, and the capacitor that old, I suggest measuring the current drawn from from each battery when everything is switched off. There may be leakage current that is a problem. High value capacitors do lose capacitance and they sometimes do increase leakage current, and both of those reduce the effectiveness of whatever benefit they were intended to provide.