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The attached file,, contains:

LM317.sub - place in ...\SwitcherCad\lib\sub
LM317.sym - place in ...\SwitcherCad\lib\sym\PowerProducts
That way it will show up in the list with Linear Technology's power products.

Since I've added LM317.sub in the symbol itself, you don't have to use the .INCLUDE LM317.sub SPICE directive.
How could I autogenerate it to get this symbol added to rest of my components? For some reason it won't show up in select new schematic.

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You do realise this thread is 7 years old?
Why do you need to autogenerate anything if you have the LM317.sub and LM317.asy files in their correct folders?


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I replied to the original topic 10 years ago. Since that time, LTSpice has undergone numerous upgrades/changes, and I have not been using it for several years. I put rather explicit instructions on where to put the files contained in, and several people reported back years ago that it worked perfectly.

If you followed the instructions, adjusting for changed subdirectory names, LM317 should show up in Linear's Power Products component area. I did that so I wouldn't have to add .include state.ents for every component I added to my library.