Acer v nitro black edition 17 motherboard died after accidental circuitbreak


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The solution is simple but quite painful, which is to replace the motherboard.
Bad news indeed, but I do not even see the short circuit. The motherboards are multi-layer assemblies and if a trace is damaged inside there is no simple repair available that has any guarantee of success. At least that has been my experience.


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Replacing the motherboard is your only viable option. You could try repairing anything you see that's damaged, but you have no way of exercising all of the circuitry to find any remaining faults. That could give you nothing but headaches and grief.

Chalk it up as a learning experience. Don't do whatever you did to cause the problem again.


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Most practical solution. Replace the board. Otherwise, get a schematic for your board, and check impedance between various compnents and ground, if you find somewhere that shouldn't be grounded with little to no resistance then check any capacitors,resistors, diodes on this circuit that go to ground. then check any ICs for continuity to ground.

Best of luck, but if it's not a surface mount component that went bad, then you will be sol. You can also send it to a board repair company that advertises a no fix, no charge policy.