AC Mains Visual Indicator Proteus 8 Simulation Error

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Hi guys,

I am doing an AC Visual Mains Visual Indicator circuit simulation on Proteus 8, and I found myself getting singular matrix and Gmin stepping error.

Although the circuit is intended to draw supply from 220V AC power line and then stepped down to 15V AC, I decided to directly used 15V AC supply instead before being rectified for simplicity's sake in this simulation.

After rectification into DC, the circuit will then paralled into two paths, one being the original supply amount, and the other being fed into a 12V regulator 7812. The output from the regulator will then be run through a series of resistors to create different (decreasing) reference voltage points which will then be compared with the original supply voltage using the comparators LM339. Should the original voltage is higher than the reference voltage at the certain point, the LED on the output side of the corresponding input will light up. Depending on how many LEDs light up, will determine the current amount of voltage from the supply

For the power supply of the LM339, I am using the output from the IC7812 12V regulator, although I am not sure if this is okay.

Can anyone help me take a look on what is wrong with the circuit that leads me to the error, please?

Thank you in advance.

Attached is my circuit project file in ZIP and the image of the circuit I am trying to emulate for clearer view.