about emf and voltage


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I am now able to conclude the discussion as:The emf is same as voltage but it is used in difeferent sense.Thy have same units and we must not confuse both terms.We should have a mind-set like a voltmeter (because it views both as same and equally measures them).Am I right?
Yes. My advice would be to ignore EMF and talk about voltage and potential difference in the general sense, and a voltage source when talking about a source device such as a battery etc.

By that logic... would mass be energy? - measured in Joules per square V?

E = 1/2 MV^2 ergo M = 1/2 E / V^2
Indeed so, something Einstein came to realise. Incidentally Einstein's work on the equivalence can be directly derived from Maxwell's Equation which were published some 40-years earlier. Maxwell's Equations truly are a magnificent piece of science and intuition.



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you've been provided much good information, and it seems to be a matter of symantics. the "quantity" (e.g. length, weight, speed, etc. ) is emf. electro-motive force is that force needed to move electrons. the "unit of measure" for the quantity is the volt. the voltage (synonym potential)then would be the amount of volts.


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Voltage sources are called so because they provide rated voltages at any load.
the same is not true for power hence rating a source in terms of power is going to be difficult.
of course m/c like generators are rated for max power in terms of VA but that is due to metallurgical limitations.