90 volt 500ma Ac power source

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I want a 90 volt 500ma Ac source for a muscle stimulator. It's originally using a 90 volt 500 ma transformer and such a kind of transformer is not available to buy.Is there any way to make 90volt 500 ma circuit.


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Are you sure it's actually 90 volts and not 9.0 volts input?

Reason I ask is because my TENS unit uses a 9.0 volt 500 ma power pack.
I guess 90 v if this is for food processing muscle / meat application and 9 if a medical device.
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it's using 12 volts and 90volt(its printed on PCB).And I tried using 12 volt and 24volt(instead of 90 volt) and there's no pulse effect.One more thing to make sure it's 90 volt the capacitors on 90volt side is rated for 120 volt and microfared I forgot.


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90 volts at 500 ma is 45 watts. :eek: I doubt that the TENS is putting out that much power. There seems to be something we don't know here.


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Yea my TENS will run about 8 - 10 hours on a 9 volt battery and I like to have it turned up to darn near painful most of the time.