8 Function Light Controller

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I have a cheap 8 function light controller that is rated at 3.6-36VDC at 500mA max current that I want to control more than 500mA worth of lights with. Looking at the circuit, it seems that there is an EEPROM on it and then an unmarked IC. I would reverse engineer this circuit but have no idea what the function of that IC is. Would it be worth it to model a new circuit and just place the EEPROM on it or would it be easier to possibly feed the output of the 8 function controller into another circuit that can handle more current (possibly feed the output into a triac or something)? I would like to keep this as simple as I possibly can, but have no idea what I am getting into...IMG_8348.jpg
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Looks like Q1 to Q4 are the light/led drivers, so improve the transistors or use slave transistors to get more current with a better psu.,

Honestly with the amount of xmas lights on the market now, it's cheaper to buy a better set than modify it...

The 24C02n is an Atmel eprom..

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/!\ just a quick look suggests your adapter/supply [-] goes to the C- and [+] goes to the +A
as the +A is connected to the E(mitter) or S(ource) of the Q2 and Q4 the L1 and L2 are likely positive voltage outputs to the LEDs' anodes
you can take that + signal as an input to whatsoever power amplifier circuit - and attach a half of the city there if you afford . . .