7 segment display pin out

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I'm posting a little data on a 7 segment display because I didn't know which was pin one and some of you may have the same problem. It is for the 5611 a h. Looking from the back of the display upright pin one (1) is on the lower right corner and represents the E segment. You increment from right to left then go straight up then count left to right (pin 10 is G at end of upper right ). Pin three and eight are joined and are either common anode or common cathode depending on which one you possess.
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You seem to be assuming that every 7-segment display has the same pinout. That is definitely far from the case -- not all displays even have the pins on the same sides of the unit.

For example:


You need to be looking at the datasheet for the display you are using. If the image you are posting is for the display you are talking about, there should be no confusion about which pin is pin 1 -- it tells you right on the diagram!



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If you do not have the datasheet you can figure out the pinout using a ohmmeter.
Only if the ohmmeter uses enough voltage for forward bias an LED and only if it flows enough current to light a segment enough to see it. Most digital multimeters use a test voltage of just a few hundred milliamps specifically so that they don't forward bias diodes.

I'd say the better way would be to probe it with a 9 V battery and a resistor in the 1 kΩ range.