7 segment display

  1. C

    Understanding the RAM address of a 7 segment 4 digit display( HT1668 )

    hi there, Iv'e salvaged a 7 segment display and i comes with an ht1668 driver ic with half duplex spi for communication, i was reading the datasheet and understood the communication side, but couldn't understand how and where data should be written to the driver, the datasheet doesnt provide...
  2. sfthdfghjghjg

    7 Segment using D-Flip flop (URGENT HELP!)

    Hi, I need help with writing a state table of 7 segment with 4-bit input A,B, C "Present state", and x "Input".
  3. justaskingonce

    7447 does not show correct numbers on 7 segment dispaly

    Im trying to put a bcd input into a 7 segement display, but as it only shows the numbers 4 to 8 correctly, in all other numbers all of the segments are on, does anyone knows why? you can see the binary input on the right video...
  4. E

    Turn on the Common Cathode Seven Segment using PNP transistor

    I am using seven segment in my project and i was using common cathode and using npn transistor i was able to switch by making arduino pin HIGH. But now i want to display the data on seven segment when i make the pin as LOW. I mean i want to select the Segment when i will make it LOW. i was...
  5. zeus8Olympus

    Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog Components

    Hey, I'm new to electronics, and for one of my projects, I'm supposed to design an Ultrasonic Rangefinder using Analog components only! The components include the 555 timers, SN74HC chips (specifically the 4 bit counter), 7 segment display and etc. Most of the guides I have found online use an...
  6. Arjune

    7 segment display pin out

    I'm posting a little data on a 7 segment display because I didn't know which was pin one and some of you may have the same problem. It is for the 5611 a h. Looking from the back of the display upright pin one (1) is on the lower right corner and represents the E segment. You increment from right...