512 K problem.

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    The first article states that the workaround is to assign more memory for IPv4 routing. This will come at the expense of IPv6 routing (the additional memory in existing routers has to come from somewhere).

    In actuality, wholesale migration to IPv6 (besides being difficult. IPv6 has been around for many years and has not been widely adopted)… the migration to IPv6 will require more memory as an IPv6 address require 4 times s many bits as an IPv4 address. 128 bits versus 32bits or 16 bytes versus 4 bytes.
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    This is actually nothing new and has been a problem since 2012. We are out of IPv4 IP addresses as well as having room out older routers routing tables.


    That site gives a lot of information about IPv6. It has to be a both on water fall affect from the top. All of the major ISP players have to agree and implement IPv6 so that it flows down to everyone that uses them eventually all the way to your house. Most new equipment purchased these days support IPv6.