5 pin dual-gang pot (former walkman volume control) as LED dimmer?

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I am just getting into electronics etc and this is my first project, so please forgive me if I'm horribly ignorant here.

I've assembled a circular light attachment for my camera for Macro photography (battery + 8x(LED + resistor) in parallel). Works great with the exception of a fried LED, but that can be taken care of.

What I would like is a way to easily adjust the brightness of the LEDs. I've taken the volume dial out of an old sony walkman and according to google it appears to be a 5-pin dual gang pot ("C103" on the underside). Will this work as a dimmer for the LEDs, and if so can someone help me understand the wiring required to make it happen? I have looked (and will continue to look) for instructions on wiring 5-pin pots but I'm not having much luck.

Alternately if this will not work, is there something that will?

Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

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The 103 marking indicates that each pot has a resistance of 10 thousand Ohms. Quite unsuitable for use on its own as a dimmer control. However, it could be used in conjunction with other components. How much current does each LED draw, and what is the battery spec?


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What voltage are you running them on?, a normal red led takes approx 10-20mA, which is usually a 330 to 1k resistor on a 5 to 15V supply.

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Hi Alec,

To simplify things (for myself) but complicate this thread, I actually found a 3-pin pot which I believe had been used to tune picture focus on a rear projection TV (which I may or may not have torn apart for the Fresnel lens... muahahahahahaha!).

So that's what I attached to the ring light and incorporated into my circuit. ATM I simply have it connected via 2 of the pins in series on the way to the power (9V battery is what I had handy). I assume the 3rd pin is ground, please correct if I'm wrong.

There is ~340 degree range to spin the knob but only a small fraction of that allows the LEDs to light up and the dimming is extremely finicky. Looks to me like it's too strong of a resistor. Is there any way to spread that resistance out so I have more control over it?

To answer your question, I'm not sure of the current draw but they are 8 white LEDs, each with an 82 ohm resistor.

Please forgive my ignorance, I am totally new to this.
Much to learn, I still have.

- Heimerdinger