Linear JFET instead of dual gang pot?

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Hi there!

Since precise dual ganged pots are rather expensive, I asked myself if it would be possible to replace them when needed (for example in a wien bridge oscillator) with JFETs working in the linear region, eg. as variable resistors, controlled at the gate via a single potentiometer?
I'm just a DIYer and a rookie, so I'd actually rather solder some small circuit with cheaper components that I've available than to pay a lot money for some dual gang pots which are clumsy and could maybe be replaced by a trim pot...
Does anyone have any advice? I tried googling for some time but seemed to miss the right words...



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You will have a problem matching the two FETs exactly. Depending on your situation digital pots may be a possible solution.


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If you want to uses FETs you would better to employ them for their high impedance in an amplifier so you can use a ganged variable capacitor instead of a pot in your Wein oscillator. These are more reliable, cheaper and easier for an amateur to come by.