3 missing CE from SafePower PK-400

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by UnnamedUser159, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. UnnamedUser159

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    May 3, 2016
    The model of the PSU is clear.
    About the board i only see 08417
    Missing are c32,33 and 36.

    I upload photos too.


    Thanks in advance
  2. ci139


    Jul 11, 2016
    is it "why are they missing" or "they dropped off / exploded - can't find them"

    in the first case these are the optional places to mount the capacitors when there are variations of components for the board manufactured
    e.g. the 470uF cap is formed from 220uF + 220uF -- also if the board is unstable then they set in the additional filter capacitor -- or other alike causes for the PCB not being compiled as it's "marked"

    in the second case you need to find the name values and possible causes of their failure - before replacement !!!
    if it's a long term excess heat buy a more powerful supply or reduce the loading on this one
    if it's internal chemistry degradation -- they likely used poor quality components -- the other capacitors of the same manufacturer may be soon failing -- replace them all(critical for board to function)