2x5v(2a) convert to 12v 2a

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i have 2 powerbanks, they both have x2 outputs of 5v 2A and 1A, so total 4 outs 2x 5V 2A & 2x 5V 1A

I need something to convert this into 12V 2A so i can power my small notebook

Can you help me with this?
is it possible ?


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Just about possible. 30W power available, and 24W power needed so the conversion would need to be at least 80% efficient which should be possible with some arrangement of switch mode boost converter(s). I don't know just how that would be arranged though.


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To boost the 5V supplies up is not the best way to go. And it sounds like they would be running over max current anyway.
Go to a second hand junk store an pick up a power supply there if you can find one. 12V at 2A should be fairly easy to find.
Are you sure the notebooks is 12V? Most seem to be 19V now.