2k potentiometer

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Hi guys, I bought a 2k ohm 10 turn potentiometer, I’m trying to use it with arduino analog pin.
The problem is that when the pot gets to a certain value the arduino turns off (I think it might be the over current protection).

I have allso tryed to use a op amp as a buffer before the analog pin but the same problem occurs.

I have tryed the same set up with 20k potentiometer and it works fine.

I didnt want to buy another 10 turn pot with bigger resistance if possible :)
greatfull for any suggestions.


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Less a schematic hard to say why things are not working but simply put one end of the pot to Vcc, the other end to GND and the pot wiper to your analog input of your Arduino. Your Arduino GND and Pot GND must be the same common ground. You should have it like this:

Arduino Pot.png

The pot will output 0 volts to VCC.