1. roci75

    2k potentiometer

    Hi guys, I bought a 2k ohm 10 turn potentiometer, I’m trying to use it with arduino analog pin. The problem is that when the pot gets to a certain value the arduino turns off (I think it might be the over current protection). I have allso tryed to use a op amp as a buffer before the analog pin...
  2. ckf

    Linear Potentiometer Library needed for Eagle

    Hello! I am looking for a library that has the footprint and symbol for a linear potentiometer in Eagle. I haven't ordered anything, so any linear potentiometer is fine. However, I am looking for a potentiometer with 100mm travel. Thanks!
  3. G

    Dc bias

    My question is , " how does the 100 ohm resistor affect the vr2 potentiometer of 0-100k ohms. I believe that we treat it as a resistor divider as 100/(0-100k) times the dc bias of 0-5volts. If this is true, why use such a large value potentiometer. Anything over 5k ohms would have little affect...
  4. A

    HE sensor and Potentiometer together

    Can I use HE and potentiometer together for feedback on a linear actuator? What are the benefits of using both methods?
  5. S

    Adding Potentiometer to Fan (consumer product)

    Hello, I have a sleeping sound machine that uses a Fan to create white noise. It has a 3 position Switch, "off", "high speed", and "low speed". Essentially, these settings are either too loud or too quiet. I would like to remove the 3 setting Switch and replace it with a Potentiometer to...
  6. Madaxle

    Understanding wiring of On/Off switch + Potentiometer combination

    I'm in the process of building a Halloween prop using an old 1970's Sony Trinitron TV, and I was hoping to be able to use the original power switch to power my prop, and use the integrated volume control as a dimmer for my LEDs I'm going to wire to it. (Basically I would like to wire an LCD...
  7. hederahelix

    I can't understand how to translate this into math: potentiometer as voltage divider.

    Teacher gave us this circuit to analyze and we're supposed to use the voltage divider formulation: \[ V_{R1} = \frac{E\cdot R1}{R1+R2+R3} \] It gives me: \[ V_{R1} = 4.55\] \[ V_{R1} = 6.69\] \[ V_{R1} = 3.75\] The problem is, either I don't know how to interpret these numbers, or I'm not...
  8. P

    "Light touch" rotary encoder/pot

    Hello All, I'm making a small Pong clone in hardware and purchased a few 10K pots for the paddle controls. They, unfortunately are a bit stiff to turn quickly, I think it's the friction of the wiper inside. Does anyone have a favorite for a rather "light friction" rotary encoder that would...
  9. D

    Using potentiometer to adjust volume on usb speaker

    So I am currently trying to build a multi-platform portable. I'm using a raspberry pi zero w. I have a USB speaker with its own audio card inside. I am attempting to use a potentiometer to allow volume adjustment. With the soldering points on this speaker board, I am unsure what to attach to the...
  10. NAND4011

    Potentiometer circuit to DC-Dimmer circuit: 3 wire to 4 wire connection?

    Looking for a plausible solution to the following problem: Background: 1. Currently - simple potentiometer (linear, 100k Ohm) control that controls an AC motor 2. Motor has a dedicated DC control circuit embedded with the following possible control connection points a). "Low Voltage +10V...
  11. F

    High Frequency Variable Resistor

    Hi, I'm looking for a variable resistor (rheostat) able to operate also with high frequency current. In particular, for my application, the current is sinusoidal with f=100kHz and amplitude of 40A. The range of variable resistance should be 0-200 Ohm and 0-10 kOhm (obviously for higher value...
  12. Z

    PIC- making potentiometer match second potentiometer not working

    I'm tryng to make a DC motor into a servo motor. The motor axle has a gear that is in sync with a gear on a potentiometer (MOTORPOT in the code) and I have another potentiometer that works as an input that the motor potentiometer should match in position however I set this pot(CONTROLPOT in...
  13. S

    Remove Volume Control from Creative Inspire 2400 Speakers

    Hello all, I sort of hyjacked another thread so I thought I should start a new one for my problem specifically. I have an old Creative Inspire 2400 2.1 channel speakers for my pc but the volume control pot went out. I opened the volume control and it looks to be a standard 6 pin pot. A wire...
  14. M

    Replacing potentiometers on vintage record player - PLEASE HELP.

    I'm trying to replace the poteniometers 1no Volume and 1no Tone on a 1970s Sonorama M390 vintage record player. Im struggling to find the right components, or even where to start with this. (few images included below) Volume: 1M Ohms B (as printed on the component), I'm unsure what Wattage...
  15. Kadav

    controling Arduino output voltage using a power supply

    Hello i am new to programing and especially Arduino i am looking for some help I am currently working on a project where i need to drive an outuput voltage of 12v to a heater, but i want to use a power supply .. that i can manually change the values of the output I also have in my mind an...