voltage dimming

  1. roci75

    2k potentiometer

    Hi guys, I bought a 2k ohm 10 turn potentiometer, I’m trying to use it with arduino analog pin. The problem is that when the pot gets to a certain value the arduino turns off (I think it might be the over current protection). I have allso tryed to use a op amp as a buffer before the analog pin...
  2. T

    change the voltage range or lower the minimum voltage

    Hello everybody! I have a very basic question, surely I am using the DAC pin of an arduino due, which supplies a voltage between 0.55V and 3.3V, and I want it to supply a voltage between 0V and 5V. how can I do this? Is it possible at least that it supplies between 0V and 3.3V ?. that is, only...
  3. G

    DIY LED Lamp with mains dimming

    Hi all, I would like to put together an led lamp that can be dimmed with a normal household dimmer switch. I have seen lots of circuit diagrams to show how to add a dimmer into an LED circuit but i can't find anything out there to explain how it can be done based on the supply voltage. I'm...