24v to 48v boost converter to power a 48v power inverter

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I am planning to buy a 24v to 48v step up converter boost supply rated at 40ah 1920watt to power my 48v 3000watt pure sinewave inverter.

I have a 24v 150ah battery bank and I want to connect the circuit to it which would allow a input voltage of 18-32v and produce 48v at the output which would then connect to the 48v inverter to power it.

I want to know what are the pros and cons with this step up.

Here is a link with the boost converter stating the specs:

I can't find any reviews on the converter so I am not sure if it will handle the full wattage has it stated and how it operates under heavy load. But assuming it works good there are some questions i would love to get answers for.

Using it with my battery bank rated at 24v 150ah during operation in theory I would only get a total of half of my battery bank(75ah) to use due to the fact that it is doubling the 24v input to 48v? Or what is the estimated total useable amps out of the battery bank i would be able to use?

Also would this be far more efficient comparing to if i was using a battery bank rated at 48v 75ah to power the inverter?

What is the estimated efficiency lost I would accumulated going through this process? and would it be the same even if i was powering the inverter with a 48v battery bank instead of the boost converter?

Do you think I could double 2 of these units to get a total output of 80ah and would this decrease or increase efficiency?
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Sell your 48 volt inverter and buy a 24 volt unit or reconfigure your battery bank for 48 volt operation and use the 24 - 48 volt converter to charge it.

Any other methods than those are just wasting energy.